Texas A&M University

Aerospace Engineering

The Aerospace Engineering division conducts original research and exploratory development in the aerospace sciences. Efforts are concentrated in the technology associated with atmospheric flight and aircraft - structures and materials, aerodynamics and flight and aircraft - structures and materials, aerodynamics and flight mechanics as well as dynamics and control of spacecraft.

Dr. Rodney Bowersox
(979) 845-7178

Biological and Agricultural Engineering

The Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering's mission is to provide quality education, research and outreach in engineering and technology for the world’s agricultural, biological, environmental and food systems.

Dr. Stephen W. Searcy
(979) 845-3931

Biomedical Engineering

The Biomedical Engineering division housed in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Texas A&M University builds on the strengths of our program, students and faculty to enable us to better serve national research needs and the medical device and biotechnology industry in Texas.

Dr. Gerard L. Cote
(979) 845-5532

Chemical Engineering 

The Chemical Engineering division is aimed at advancing basic knowledge and technology and providing technical support to the state and nation in the production and processing of raw materials into useful products and chemicals. Specific areas of research expertise include: chemical reaction engineering; thermodynamics; separation processes - modeling and control, electrochemical engineering, polymers, advanced materials, petroleum recovery, asphalt materials, biochemical engineering, and hazardous waste and toxicology. 

Dr. M. Nazmul Karim
(979) 845-9806

Civil Engineering

The goal of the Civil Engineering division is to conduct interdisciplinary research in civil engineering, including:

  • coastal
  • construction
  • engineering mechanics
  • environmental
  • geotechnical
  • infrastructure management
  • materials
  • ocean
  • structural
  • transportation
  • water resources
  • and to disseminate the results of that research in appropriate forums. 

Dr. Robin Autenrieth
(979) 845-2438

Computer Science and Engineering

The primary mission of this division is to develop the human and intellectual resources needed to meet the future technological challenges in the field of computing. This includes performing core research in software, software engineering, systems, information, human centered systems, foundations of computing, and intelligent systems and robotics. It also includes multidisciplinary research in bioinformatics, security, computational science, brain networks and humanities informatics. 

Dr. Nancy M. Amato
(979) 862-2275

Electrical Engineering

The primary mission of the Electrical Engineering division is to advance state-of-the-art technology in electrical and computer engineering. The division's focus areas are biomedical engineering, computer engineering, control systems, electromagnetics and microwaves, electric power and power electronics, solid state electronics, electronic materials and electrooptics, telecommunications and signal processing, VLSI and microelectronics.

Dr. Chanan Singh
(979) 862-1553

Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution 

The Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution division provides for effective and valuable applied research in several areas, including electronics, telecommunications, manufacturing and mechanical engineering technologies and industrial distribution. 

Dr. Reza Langari
(979) 862-4945 

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Our mission, as a component of a land-grant institution, is 

  1. To provide the high quality educational experience in the industrial engineering discipline which will prepare our graduates to contribute successfully to society and to assume leadership roles in industrial, governmental, and academic professions. 
  2. To provide the state and nation with new knowledge, both basic and applied, in the fields of industrial engineering. 
  3. To provide service to the industrial, governmental, and professional communities through dissemination of research findings, provision of continuing education programs, interaction with industry and professional colleagues, membership on advisory committees, consulting, and other outreach activities. 

Dr. Brett A. Peters
(979) 845-5535

Mechanical Engineering 

The Mechanical Engineering division emphasizes basic and applied research in energy systems, turbomachinery performance, rotodynamics, tribology, combustion and laser diagnostics, precision motion control, polymer science and engineering, aerosols, cooling of micro-electronics, robotics, fuzzy systems, automated highways, composite materials, magnetic bearings, active control, manufacturing and computational mechanics.

Dr. Andreas A. Polycarpou
(979) 845-5337

Nuclear Engineering

The Nuclear Engineering division emphasizes basic and applied research in nuclear energy, nuclear forces and related areas, including ion/solid interactions, nuclear reactor design and operation, reactor safety, fusion technology, plasma science and pulsed power, health physics, two-phase flow and heat transfer, computational fluid dynamics, intelligent computer-aided reactor systems design, knowledge-based systems for reactor diagnostics and operation, and "aerosols and clusters" in health physics and materials technology.

Dr. Yassin A. Hassan
(979) 845-4161

Petroleum Engineering 

The Petroleum Engineering division emphasizes research on hydraulic fracturing, reservoir description, artificial intelligence, reservoir management, well control, offshore drilling technology, multi-phase flow, pumping and measurement, well testing, enhanced oil recovery, determination of ultimate oil and gas reserves, and artificial lift. 

Dr. A. Daniel Hill
(979) 845-2244

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