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Prospecting & Proposal Development

TEES Engineering Research Digest

Each week, TEES Research Development distributes a newsletter highlighting funding opportunities and news for engineering principal investigators. 

To receive the newsletter, contact:
Lisé McNally, Administrative Coordinator

Texas A&M Sponsored Research Services

SRS strives to provide excellent sponsored project administration services on behalf of TEES.

Submission Preparation

Pre-award administration is a complex process that requires sufficient preparation time prior to submission to the sponsor. Adequate preparation time will ensure that sponsor requirements, System Member rules, SAPs or guidelines are followed and proposals are submitted by the sponsor’s deadline. SRS is able to add the most value to the proposal submission process when sufficient time is available to prepare SRS generated portions of the proposal, and to conduct a thorough quality review. To ensure that SRS provides investigators with the highest level of support we issue the following guidelines for proposal services:

1. Initial Contact with SRS

  • Researchers are asked to contact SRS pre-award staff with their intent to submit a proposal a minimum of three weeks prior to the sponsor deadline date.
  • Complex proposals (e.g. the proposal contains subcontracts or cost share/match, etc.) or solicitations containing terms and conditions may need additional preparation time (longer than three weeks). Therefore, researchers are encouraged to contact SRS as soon as possible to facilitate the proposal submission.
  • The initial communication should include the sponsor proposal announcement. In the event that an announcement is not available, the communication should include sponsor name,     program, deadline and other critical elements of the proposal so that SRS may assign a proposal administrator to facilitate the submission.

2. Preparation of Administrative Portions of the Proposal

SRS requests the following documents (when applicable) five business days in advance of the sponsor deadline:

  • Budget
  • Budget Justification
  • Draft Abstract or Statement of Work (to use in routing to obtain system member approval)
  • Relevant Approved Waivers
  • Subcontract Documents
  • Biosketch
  • Current & Pending
  • Data Management Plan
  • Facilities & Equipment

3. Technical Portions of the Proposal

All technical portions of the proposal should be submitted to SRS, in final format, no later than one business day prior to the sponsor deadline.

4. SRS Pledge to the Research Community

  • Proposals in final format received at SRS by the timeline outlined above will receive a complete and thorough quality review.
  • For proposals completed and submitted to SRS within this timeframe, SRS will work with the PI to make necessary changes to ensure that the proposal is administratively compliant.
  • SRS pledges to submit on-time proposals, with limited exceptions, prior to the sponsor’s deadline. Proposals with the required materials submitted to SRS within the timeframe outlined above will receive priority over proposals received with shorter lead time.
  • SRS staff will make every effort to submit all proposals. In the event that a proposal is received outside of the requested timeframe, the investigator will assume the risk for proposals found to be non-compliant or does not meet the sponsor’s deadline.

5. Agency Deadline 

Unless the deadline is specifically defined as earlier than 5 p.m. by the sponsor, the submission deadline for SRS is 5 p.m. local time on the sponsor’s specified deadline date (even if the sponsor allows submissions beyond 5 p.m.).

6. Approvals

If a proposal is submitted to the sponsor without SRS or System Member review, the proposal may be withdrawn if it is determined to be non-compliant with the System Member rules, SAPs or guidelines.

More Proposal Submission Details for Regional Divisions

1. Access to Maestro is Required

Maestro is an enterprise-wide system that supports The Texas A&M University System researchers and research administration where TEES researchers can review proposals and accounts once awarded. Log in with your UIN and Single Sign-On password at maestro.tamus.edu. All TEES researchers, even those who are not affiliated with the A&M System, have access to Maestro. Researchers not affiliated with the A&M System may request that TEES create a UIN and grant them access by emailing maestro@tamu.edu.

Note: The ‘researcher’ role created for new researchers by Maestro will only allow access to proposals, accounts and projects for which they are listed as PI, Co-PI or Co-I.

Maestro grants the ‘researcher’ role (allowing researchers to view their accounts, projects, complete FCOI, etc.) for any of the following situations:

1. A new hire is flagged as ‘Subject to FCOI’ in Maestro.

2. A person is added as a PI, Co-PI, Co-I to a proposal or project.

3. A person is added as a PI, Co-PI, Co-I to an account.

For options 1 and 3 the role is created in the Maestro nightly process. For option 2 the role is created immediately.

New researchers will receive a generic log-in account once they have a UIN. Once logged in, researchers will only have access to the homepage that includes their worklist and the general search page.

2. Contact Your Proposal Administrator

SRS provides comprehensive proposal support services. Please contact your proposal administrator who will begin the proposal for you in Maestro. The sooner you contact your administrator, the better (three weeks or more prior to the sponsor’s deadline is preferred).

The following items are needed for login:

  • Sponsor information (program announcement and due date)
  • Project title
  • Project start date and duration of project
  • List of Co-PIs and/or outside collaborators with contact information

3. Budget Development

Your proposal administrator will review the sponsor’s guidelines and assist you with the preparation of a proposal budget. They will verify the salaries and fringe benefits and assist you with estimates for to-be-named employees. They will ensure that the appropriate facilities and administrative rates are budgeted for the project. They will also incorporate subawardees’ budgets into your budget, provided that subawardees submit the required budget and documentation in advance of proposal submission lead times. Proposal administrators will also assist you in revising your budget, if required by the sponsor, prior to award.

4. Proposal Routing and Approvals

Before your proposal is submitted to the sponsor, the final budget, cost-sharing documentation and draft text will be submitted through Maestro for electronic approval. You will be asked to approve the submission—as will your department head, dean and system member representative (e.g., director or vice president for research).

5. Preparing the Proposal for Submission

Your proposal administrator can assist you with completing sponsor-required forms and prepare your proposal for submission to the sponsor. Given sufficient time, they will review the sponsor’s guidelines and help make sure your proposal is in compliance so it is accepted by the sponsor.

6. Copy of Submitted Proposal

Once your proposal is submitted, a copy of the final submission will be uploaded into Maestro for future reference.

For assistance with proposal preparation and submission, contact:
Kam Owens Milton, Proposal Administrator

Hanover Research Prospecting and Proposal Development

TEES has a partnership with Hanover Research to provide prospecting and proposal development. Below are the levels of support—and timelines associated with each—available to TEES and Texas A&M Engineering through the partnership.

Funding Calendars

With funding calendar projects, Hanover provides an overview of opportunities aligned with a broad research theme, eligibility type or programmatic need, outlining projected submission dates for opportunities of interest for research groups, departments or centers as a tool to forecast grantseeking activity. Hanover also details general trends in funding and current funder priorities. (Typical project timeline: 3 weeks)

Funding Opportunity Prospecting

With funding opportunity prospecting projects, Hanover can provide an analysis of viable funding opportunities based on an intended research aim or previously submitted proposal. Hanover profiles near-term opportunities, including funder priorities and recently funded projects, requestor’s alignment with funder priorities and recommendations on approach. (Typical project timeline: 3 weeks)

Grantsmanship Training Webinars

Through web conferencing, Hanover grants consultants conduct presentations and trainings on a variety of grants-related topics, including “Finding the Right Funding Opportunity,” “Getting Started in Grant Writing for Early and Middle Career Faculty,” and “Responding to Reviewer Comments and Resubmission Strategies.” Presentations are customized to the target audience and include time for active and engaged Q&A. (Typical project timeline: 3 weeks)

Proposal Review Only

With review-only projects, a PI or single project team at the client organization can receive up to two waves of support from a Hanover grants consultant. As requested on a project-by-project basis, each wave of this support may include: (1) margin comments on the narrative draft with recommendations surrounding the proposal’s alignment to the grant opportunity’s guidelines and the funder’s expectations; (2) a brief memo outlining high-level recommendations; and (3) a debrief teleconference call with a grants consultant. (Typical project timeline: 2 weeks)

Proposal Review and Revision

With review and revision projects, a PI or single project team at the client organization can receive up to two waves of support from a Hanover grants consultant. As requested on a project-by-project basis, each wave of this support may include: (1) margin comments on the narrative draft with recommendations surrounding alignment of the proposal to the grant opportunity’s guidelines and funder’s expectations; (2) a brief memo outlining high-level recommendations; (3) revision of narrative content for clarity and effective use of language; (4) editing of proposal content for punctuation and grammar; and (5) a debrief teleconference call with a grants consultant. (Typical project timeline: 3 weeks)

Institutional Proposal Development 

With institutional proposal development projects, a Hanover grants consultant will serve as the lead writer for the proposal narrative, working collaboratively with the PI(s) to gather concept design information and other contextual details to complete a full first draft of the narrative and provide follow-up revisions based on PI feedback. The grant consultant may also provide feedback on compliance for additional proposal components (budget, required forms, etc.) as time permits. (Typical project timeline: 8-16 weeks)

To schedule a scoping call with Hanover Research, contact:
Lisé McNally, Administrative Coordinator

Contract Negotiation and Post-Award Administration

Contract Negotiation

Agreements require careful review to protect the interests of the researcher, regional division member and TEES. A contract negotiator will review the terms and conditions of agreements for non-standard conditions and negotiate any necessary changes. Contract negotiators also consult, as needed, with the A&M System Office of General Counsel, Technology Commercialization and the appropriate TEES administration to confirm agreements are acceptable.

For information about contract negotiation, contact:
Jared Hill, Senior Contract Negotiator II, Texas A&M SRS

While SRS is the primary contact for research administration services TEES also provides direct proposal and contracting services for projects with industry sponsors. Typically proposals are not competitive submissions and are prepared in conjunction with the contract. Additionally, TEES processes all non-funded agreements (i.e., nondisclosure, material transfer and teaming agreements).

For more information about industry contract negotiation, contact:
Mark Andrews, Director, TEES Contracting

Marcie Avery, Assistant Director, TEES Contracting

Post-Award Administration

The post-award administration team establishes and monitors sponsored project accounts, including:

  • Establishment of project/account
    • Creating project record/account in accordance with sponsor agreement
  • Management of project
    • Assisting in determining available balances
    • Reviewing costs for allowability, allocability and reasonableness
    • Cost share verification 
    • Sponsor communication (extension requests, budget reallocation, etc.)
    • Compliance verification
    • Subaward monitoring
  • Closeout of award
    • Finalize expenses
    • Assisting with completion of sponsor deliverables

For questions regarding post-award administration, contact:
Scott Kilburn, Project Administrator

Risk and Compliance

The Risk and Compliance Office assists administration, staff and researchers with a multitude of compliance services ensuring that research is conducted within appropriate guidelines, including:

  • Financial and Operational Compliance
  • Audits and inquiries from sponsors and auditors
  • Record retention
  • Rules and standard administrative procedures
  • Research Compliance
  • Financial conflict of interest
  • Human subject research 
  • Animal subject research 
  • Biosafety research 
  • Export controls, including: international travel and shipping; export control language/restrictions in research agreements; screening visiting scholars, employees and vendors; and preparing technology control plans as needed

For more information about risk and compliance, contact:
Lisa Akin, Director 

Deidra White, Assistant Director

John Carroll, Compliance Officer II 

Brian Ridenour, Compliance Officer II 

Mark Radcliff, Research Compliance Coordinator

Sheri Jones, Compliance Coordinator III

Lisa Foster, Program Specialist III

Additional Support Services

Business Support Services

TEES utilizes Concur for travel reimbursements and payment card allocations.  AggieBuy is for invoices and requisitions. Both of these systems integrate into our accounting system, FAMIS.  

For all A&M System Members with accounts at TEES, please proceed as follows:

Travel Expense Reports 

All A&M Members are now using Concur so please select a TEES department and account for all charges that need to be allocated to CC28 and follow TEES travel rules. Your back office staff have been informed of the process to ensure the expense reports will route to the TEES Fiscal Office for review and approval. 

Agency/University Payment Card Charges

All A&M Members use Concur to allocate agency/university credit card charges.  Please select a TEES department and account for all charges that need to be allocated to CC28 and follow TEES card program rules. Your back office staff have been informed of the process to ensure the reports will route to the TEES Fiscal Office for review and approval. 

Purchase Invoices and Requisitions

For members using AggieBuy, please use AggieBuy for all requisitions and non-PO based invoices on TEES accounts. Please see TEES Accounts Payable AggieBuy website for references.  

If you cannot access your TEES department/TEES account in either Concur or AggieBuy, contact: teesfamissecurity@tamu.edu.

For members not currently using AggieBuy:

For delegated purchase invoices, please send scanned copies of your receipts/invoices with the pertinent TEES-FAMIS account information to teesadminister@tamu.edu. Non-PO based invoices will be prepared on your behalf in AggieBuy and allow you the opportunity to review/approve the expenses before being processed.

For requisitions, please send all pertinent documentation to teespurchasing@tamu.edu. The requisition will be entered into AggieBuy on your behalf.

TEES will continue to provide these centralized procurement processing services until such time that the AggieBuy system has been fully implemented by your respective institution. 

For all non-A&M System regional institutions with accounts at TEES, please proceed as follows:

Travel Expense Reports 

Please send scanned copies of travel receipts with pertinent TEES account information to teesadminister@tamu.edu. TEES will prepare travel reimbursements on your behalf. TEES will continue to provide centralized travel processing services until your institution has the ability to process TEES-related travel. 

Purchase Invoices and Requisitions

For delegated purchase invoices, please send scanned copies of receipts/invoices with pertinent TEES account information to teesadminister@tamu.edu. TEES will prepare non-PO based invoices on your behalf in AggieBuy and allow you the opportunity to review/approve the expenses before being processed.  

For requisitions, please send all pertinent documentation to  teespurchasing@tamu.edu, and TEES will enter the requisition in FAMIS/ AggieBuy on your behalf. TEES will continue to provide centralized procurement processing services until your institution has the ability to process TEES purchases in FAMIS/AggieBuy.

For general questions about your accounts, including balances and reports, contact:
Kem Morgan

For general questions about processing travel or credit card charges in Concur or non-PO based invoices in AggieBuy, contact: 
Karen Gregory

For general questions about processing purchase requisitions, contact:
Mary Williams

For questions about AggieBuy /FAMIS access, security, and routing paths, contact:
teesfamissecurity@tamu.edu, or
Cheryl Malone

Center Support Operations

TEES is home to many centers and institutes performing research, workforce development and technology commercialization to meet society’s needs. TEES centers are focused on:

  • Energy Systems and Services
  • Engineering Education
  • Healthcare
  • Information Systems and Sensors
  • Infrastructure
  • Materials and Manufacturing
  • National Security and Safety

TEES Center Support Operations, which is part of TEES Strategic Initiatives and Centers, can provide business development, proposal, managerial, and administrative support. Center Support Operations help connect centers and institutes with industry, research, funding, and partnership opportunities and ensure TEES centers and institutes maintain high-quality operations. 

For more information about how you might partner with TEES centers and institutes, contact:
John Pappas, Director, Center Operations

Holley Howell, Administrative Coordinator

Commercialization & Entrepreneurship

Cutting edge and world class research is conducted at TEES across 14 engineering departments and 30 TEES Research Centers.  The goal of the Office of Technology Commercialization & Entrepreneurship is to catalyze the commercialization of discoveries and inventions arising from this major research portfolio. Formed in 2014, the office is organized like a bootstrapped venture capital firm with a team of senior Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EIR), and Entrepreneurs-in-Training (EIT), who collaborate closely with TEES researchers to enable the following:

  1. creation of intellectual property, 
  2. licensing and industry sponsored research projects, and 
  3. startup venture formation from TEES inventions. 

To learn more about commercialization and entrepreneurship, contact:

Dr. Balakrishna Haridas, Executive Director for Technology Commercialization & Entrepreneurship

Engineering Communications

Engineering Communications develops and executes marketing and communications strategies for high-priority initiatives and campaigns identified by the vice chancellor and dean of engineering and director of TEES. The office serves as a resource for many stakeholders and provides online toolboxes to assist TEES and the College of Engineering:

 As time allows, Engineering Communications accommodates requests for assistance with marketing and communication needs.

To learn more about Engineering Communications, contact:
Pam Green, Director of Strategic Communications & Interim Director, Engineering Communications

Joya Mannan, Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications

Amy Klinkovsky, Communications, Workforce Development

Government Relations

Upon approval from the Agency Director for Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES), Norman Garza (Assistant Vice Chancellor for Government Relations, Office of the Vice Chancellor and Dean of Engineering and National Laboratories) will work in coordination with The Texas A&M University System Office of State and Federal Relations (OSFR), under the direction of Vice Chancellor Jenny Jones, to increase the presence of our unique and dynamic capabilities in all governmental arenas.

The purpose of OSFR is to maintain a “boots on the ground” approach, both in Austin and Washington D.C., with specific staff assignments for each Texas A&M System member—either a university or an agency—who are focused on raising respective profiles at either the state or federal level. The primary mission of OSFR is to support funding initiatives and achieve policy goals for every Texas A&M System institution.

TEES Government Relations welcomes the opportunity to engage with counterparts at each TEES Regional Division. In the interest of the statewide mission of TEES, coordination is very important. Fortunately, most of the Texas A&M System member institutions have their government relations officer co-located all together at an office in Austin. As such, inter-institution coordination between those government relations officers can easily be done—in theory! However, please be sure to contact your appropriate administrator and obtain their support on any matter before directly contacting the appropriate OSFR liaison for your entity. You should inquire about the applicable protocols established by your organization for engagement with OSFR.

For more information about Government Relations, contact:
Norman Garza Jr., Assistant Vice Chancellor for Government Relations; Texas A&M University System, Engineering Programs
512-542-7846, office (direct)

Industry Relations

The Office of Industry Relations serves as a portal to industry that strategically connects TEES capabilities to industry needs. Industry Relations actively facilitates business development activities and interactions with industry to achieve the TEES mission. The office also assesses industry needs/interests, connects faculty/expert capabilities with the needs, develops research or other TEES mission-related projects as appropriate, assists in partner industry collaborations as needed, and maintains a contact and capabilities database to perform follow-ups. Industry Relations establishes and enhances participation in industry consortia and advisory boards and hosts/supports local and regional meetings and workshops. The office is a bridge to the Texas A&M System and other Texas A&M business development organizations for industry engagement.

The ultimate goal is to create demand for TEES technology, real-world solutions, and world-class facilities and resources, by broadening and reinforcing the trust industries and corporations have in TEES.

For more information about Industry Relations, contact:
Kiley Wren, Executive Director

Sam Brackett, Program Manager

Kristle Comley, Program Specialist II

TEES EDGE: Professional & Continuing Education

The TEES Office of Professional and Continuing Education, or TEES EDGE—Educating Generations, is a one-stop shop for the high-quality, cutting-edge technical education individuals and organizations need. Whether through face-to-face, online or blended methods, TEES EDGE is poised to facilitate the delivery of short courses, workshops and conferences. TEES EDGE ensures recognized researchers and industry experts are able to deliver superior knowledge and practical application scenarios to target audiences with a seamless system providing the support and supplemental services required for success.

Workforce development is one of three primary initiatives, along with research and technology commercialization, for TEES. TEES EDGE helps develop the workforce—in every stage of life—by matching TEES knowledge and skills to economic demands.

TEES EDGE works with researchers to identify potential workforce development opportunities, conduct market research to determine feasibility, develop content and deliver the products. TEES EDGE also educates researchers relative to adult learning and the nuances of transferring research and academic knowledge into professional and continuing education.

The TEES EDGE support systems provide:

  • A dynamic student management portal for short courses and multi-course certificate programs
  • Application processing to meet program requirements
  • A conference/symposium portal to handle registration

To learn more about TEES EDGE, contact:
Dr. Melissa N. Walden, P.E., TEES EDGE Director

Brandon Green, TEES EDGE Program Manager

Nicole Solecki, TEES EDGE Program Manager

Lisé McNally, Administrative Coordinator

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