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Young Investigator Programs (YIP) are for junior faculty who are untenured assistant professors. Resources available include National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER/YIP workshops and seminars, proposal assistance, writing resources and junior faculty targeted funding opportunities.

Funding Opportunities

The information below will help you locate funding opportunities:

Junior Faculty Targeted Funding Opportunities - funding opportunities for junior faculty in Engineering (spreadsheet)

Young Investigator Awards - early career and young investigator awards (general list - spreadsheet)

Engineering Research Digest - PDFs of weekly newsletter which includes funding opportunities, junior faculty information, webinars, and workshop announcements

Proposal Assistance

The Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES) is committed to assisting our faculty in developing their grantsmanship to produce the best, most competitive proposal submissions to a variety of funding agencies. Assistance varies from phone calls and face-to-face meetings to fully participating on development of a proposal and covers items such as strategic planning, facilitating partnerships for education or research links, assisting with broader impacts, critical edits and reviews and one-on-one workdays to springboard your proposal.

Resources - writing tips, proposal development resources, and facilities information

NSF CAREER Resources - includes broader impacts and education plan resources