USA Patriot Act

Texas A&M Engineering is committed to safeguarding its students and employees and utilizing available opportunities that may thwart international terrorist attempts to take advantage of research facilities.  The USA Patriot Act is one such mechanism.

  • Texas A&M Engineering partners with Texas A&M University’s Environmental Health and Safety Office to enable protocols which endeavor to identify research facilities where biological agents, toxins or delivery systems identified by the USA Patriot Act may be used.  Should a research laboratory director identify positions that are involved in working with these biological agents, toxins or delivery systems, positions would be advertised as restricted under the USA Patriot Act.
  • Furthermore, candidates applying for such positions complete an employment application that contains questions regarding their eligibility to handle select biological agents or toxins.  Should candidates answer any of the questions affirmatively, they  are eliminated from consideration for the USA Patriot Act restricted position.  Candidate to be hired, or at the point of hire, completes the USA Patriot Act Statement of Eligibility to Handle Select Biological Agents or Toxins.

For more detailed information on the USA Patriot Act:

  1. Review USA Patriot Act information.
  2. Contact the Engineering HR Office at www.tamengineeringjobs.com or (979) 458-7699.

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