Workday Help


Changing to Workday means a change in how we do business and Engineering HR is here to help. This page provides supplemental information to the help available directly in Workday.

Supervisory Organizations (Sup Orgs)

Creation of a new Sup Org requires the following information:

  1. Manager - First Name, Last Name and UIN
  2. Code (Adloc)
  3. Supervisory Org Name (Department or Division Name)
  4. Superior Organization (Name and Code of Next Level Manager)
  5. Effective Date (If not provided date request received will be used)
  6. Send Requests or Questions to eworkday-help@tamu.edu

Job Aids - Engineering Specific 

In addition to the job aids for day-to-day tasks, a number of Engineering specific job aids have been created. Using these job aids will take the guess work out of which role should initiate an action and will provide tips for Engineering Best Practices. Refer to the general use job aids available through SSO - See Use Workday

Position and Hire  Other Job Aids General Training

Create Position & Cost Allocation
Create Job Requisition
Faculty - Create Position and Evergreen
Job Application
Staff Hire (WD Recruiting vs Non-WD Recruiting)
Onboarding for PEEPS
Searching for Individuals (Prehire)


Vacation Lump Sum
Absence Partner
Move Worker (Supervisor)



Workday Basics
Manager Specific
Day 1 Checklist
Managing Notifications


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