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 Personal Wellness

Wellness is much more than just exercise and nutrition. There are 8 Key Components of Wellness: social, physical, environmental, emotional/mental, intellectual, occupational, spiritual & financial.

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Financial- TRS Financial Awareness Video
The financial awareness video series is aimed at helping current TRS members learn even more about retirement self-sufficiency.

Well on Target: Health Kit- Ergonomics 

Ergonomics is the science of designing your workspace to fit you, not forcing you to fit your workspace.

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Whether you’re sitting or standing, poor posture can become a pain in the neck…and the back…and the hips. Get out of your slump as Coach Heather challenges you to straighten up!

From working in heavy construction to sitting at a desk all day, everyone is at risk for
workplace injuries. But not all of those injuries involve falling down, bleeding, sprains or bruises. Listen to this podcast to learn more.

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