Volunteers and Unpaid Interns

Volunteer and unpaid intern positions should be short-term in nature and should involve the volunteer/intern learning, observing, or being mentored for their educational benefit and not performing duties or services for which individuals would normally be paid.

A volunteer/unpaid intern appointment may be considered under the following circumstances:

  • The individual is volunteering or participating in conjunction with an academic course they are currently enrolled in or will be receiving course credit
  • The individual has not been employed previously by the supervising faculty
  • If the individual has been employed previously, they will not be performing the same or similar functions to what they had been paid for previously
  • The individual will not be performing functions similar to those of paid employees within the department/division
  • The length of the appointment will last no longer than 1 semester

If the above criteria is met, a volunteer position will be considered for approval, provided that all conditions are met as stated in the FLSA Unpaid Internship Program Agreement. Please note individuals in F-1 Optical Practical Training (OPT) status will not be considered for volunteer positions.

Please contact Engineering HR for approval and paperwork processing: engineeringhrvisitors@tamu.edu

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