Pay Plan Titles and Pay Grades

The System-wide Pay Plan, effective December 1, 2016, includes new title code assignments for all titles and also provides standardized title descriptions, standardized job descriptions (JDs) and assigned pay grades for affected positions across the Texas A&M University System.  Positions in the staff category are included in the new pay plan and have been assigned a specific pay grade. Most staff positions at Texas A&M Engineering, like other Texas A&M System Member institutions and agencies, are included in the pay plan.  Faculty, faculty-equivalent research, graduate assistant, student and as well as certain key administrator titles are excluded from the pay plan, and therefore will not have a standardized job description or assigned pay grade.

Salary Pay Grades Chart

System-wide Pay Plan Titles Now Available

Below are lists identifying the new title codes, associated title descriptions and pay grades as applicable: 

Pay Plan Titles with Position Descriptions

With the introduction of a new pay plan, effective 12-1-16, each position has an assigned pay grade and each pay grade consists of a pay grade range.  The pay grade chart below represents the delegation of authority for pay rates applicable to newly hired employees.  The chart is divided into two bands to allow for greater flexibility at the department/division level when determining a hire rate.  The first band may be used with the Department/Division Head Authorization.  The second band will require approval by Engineering Human Resources and/or Engineering Administration.  For example, pay grade 3 has an assigned range of $9.79 to $16.32.  The department/division head has the authority to approve a starting pay rate for a new employee from $9.79 to $11.74.  Should a hiring rate be requested of $11.75 up to $16.32, a request would need to route through the department/division head to engineering human resources.   Please submit a Hire Above Range request for a proposed rate above the department/division head approval range. 

For more information, please contact Engineering HR at 979-458-7699 or ehrcomp@tamu.edu 

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