Wellness Exam

The Texas A&M University System is taking steps to encourage employees to live healthier lives by actively engaging with a health care provider through utilizing preventive services available under the A&M Care Health Plan. Under this wellness initiative, employees and covered spouses are required to have an annual wellness exam (also referred to as a physical) to receive the lowest health insurance premium rate. 

Why is it important?

30 minutes could save you $360 (or $720 between you and your covered spouse) each fiscal year!

If either you or your covered spouse does not complete the wellness exam incentive during the applicable reporting period, you will not qualify for the lower wellness premium rate, and will instead pay a premium differential of $30 per month for each individual who does not complete the wellness exam. These additional premiums will remain in effect until completion of the wellness exam is reported from Blue Cross Blue Shield back to System Benefits Administration (approximately 90 days).

 What do I need to do?

You (and your covered spouse) should have a physical or wellness exam each year between September 1 and June 30, to ensure that you receive the lowest insurance premiums rate for the following fiscal year.

The Fiscal Year runs from September 1 through August 31.

Wellness Exam Q&A 

The following individuals are NOT required to have a wellness exam to receive a lower insurance premium rate:

    • Retirees
    • Working retirees
    • Survivors
    • COBRA participants
    • Dependent children
    • Employees enrolled in the Graduate Health Plan
How to Verify Exam Credit

1) Call BCBS at (866) 295-1212

2)  Create or log into your MyEvive account, and click "Check my Incentive Status".
Spouses will need to create their own MyEvive account to view their wellness incentive status.

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