Army Research Lab director visits Texas A&M, tours research facilities

February 3, 2015
| By: Tim Schnettler

Dr. Thomas Russell, director of the United States Army Research Lab, recently visited Texas A&M University, toured the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station’s (TEES) research labs and discussed key research partnership opportunities with researchers. 

“We are honored to host Dr. Russell and representatives from the Army Research Lab on campus and showcase our researchers and the unique lab facilities available to assist them,” said Texas A&M University System Chancellor John Sharp. “TEES and the faculty of Texas A&M University have partnered with ARL on many projects, such as developing technology to enhance the safety of our soldiers, and we look forward to expanding this relationship.” 

The Army Research Laboratory (ARL) is the Army’s central laboratory responsible for programs producing advanced technologies that support soldiers in the field today and in the future.  TEES has partnered with the ARL since 1997.

"The long-standing relationship we have had with Texas A&M is proof that when government laboratories such as ARL collaborate with our nation's best institutions we open the doors for significant discovery and innovation that is mutually beneficial to the university and the American soldier," said Russell.  "We value our relationship and look forward to even deeper engagement and collaboration as we advance our Open Campus initiative.

“Texas A&M, through its land grant mission, has a long standing relationship with the armed services in the U.S.,” said Texas A&M University Interim President Mark Hussey. “We produce more military officers than any other university outside of the national service academies. And  we look forward to enhancing our relationship with the ARL through expanded defense related research.”  

During the visit, members from the ARL were able to discuss strategic research needs, meet with research experts and tour labs and facilities.  

“Texas A&M is uniquely configured and many of our research strengths align with the interests of the Army,” said M. Katherine Banks, vice chancellor and dean of engineering and TEES director. “The ARL has invested tens of millions of dollars into our people and programs to help the army produce advanced technologies that support soldiers and we look forward to expanding this highly collaborative and productive relationship.”

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