Engineering safety officers recognized

April 12, 2013
| By: Aubrey Bloom

Safety officers in Texas A&M Engineering have received the Spring 2013 Environmental Health and Safety's Safe Laboratory Award.

Texas A&M's Environmental Health and Safety recognized the efforts of engineering safety officers in contributing to the safe environment in engineering laboratories.

The engineering safety officers were honored with a certificate and a luncheon today (April 12).

The Engineering Safety Council works to identify hazards, reduce risk and implement appropriate controls to facilitate a safe, healthful, sustainable and secure work environment in the Dwight Look College of Engineering at Texas A&M University and in labs and facilities of the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station.

Council members are:

David Breeding, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Engineering and Interdisciplinary Engineering
Rodney Inmon, Aerospace Engineering
Julie King and Barry Jackson, Biomedical Engineering
Doug White, Joel James and Louis Muniz, Chemical Engineering
Dave Cote and Jeremy Stewart, Computer Science and Engineering
Larry John, Civil Engineering
Jessie Hernandez and Robert Atkins, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Frank Cervantez and Wayne Hung, Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution
Mark Hopkus and Dennis Allen, Industrial and Systems Engineering
Daniel Theiss and Mitch Wittneben, Mechanical Engineering
Chris Crouch and Troy Stepan, Nuclear Engineering
John Maldonado, Petroleum Engineering
Josh Kading, TEES Energy Systems Laboratory
Chris Mack and Rich Clough, TEES Food Protein Research and Development Center
Robert Atkins, Institute of Solid State Electronics
Jeff Hustetler and Cecil Rhodes, Flight Mechanics Laboratory
William Rogers, TEES Mary Kay O'Connor Process Safety Center
Jan Gerson, Materials Science and Engineering
Jim Remlinger and Debra Arrington, TEES Nuclear Science Center
Chris Felderhoff, TEES Offshore Technology Research Center
Chip Hill, Space Engineering Center
Michael Schuller, Spacecraft Technology Center
Peter Keating and Matt Potter, High Bay Structural and Materials Testing Laboratory
Linda Huff, TEES Texas Center for Applied Technology
Ray Matthews, TEES Turbomachinery Laboratory
Ed White and John Kochan, Oran W. Nicks Low-speed Wind Tunnel
Bill Charlton and Dave Boyle, TEES Nuclear Security Science and Policy Institute




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