Texas A&M oil and gas field lab celebrates donation

July 21, 2003
| By: Aubrey Bloom

COLLEGE STATION - The recent donation of equipment by Moyno, Inc. will give researchers at Texas A&M's Multiphase Field Lab new capabilities to perform studies in oil and gas production. Moyno, which is part of Robbins & Myers, Inc., has donated a mobile test rig and Tri-Phaze Multiphase Pump. The mobile test rig consists of two metal buildings, two pumps and a high-pressure separator. The equipment is designed to be used for single-well applications, which account for the majority of onshore Texas production. The test rig provides the unique capability of moving from the field laboratory to a Texas producing well to determine the effectiveness of multiphase pumping. The Tri-Phaze Multiphase Pump is a single-screw "progressing cavity pump" (PCP) and is used to reduce pressure at the wellhead thereby increasing production rates and improving recovery of oil. Multiphase pumps also minimize the environmental impact of a well site by reducing the amount of equipment needed to get the oil out of the ground. Recently, multiphase pumps have been found to be effective in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by eliminating flaring, or venting, of gas at well sites. "This donation by Robbins & Myers joins two other multiphase pumps already installed at this facility and gives a new direction for our student research," said Dr. Stuart Scott, associate professor of petroleum engineering at Texas A&M. "It puts us one step closer to representing all multiphase pump technologies in one facility. No other university in the country has this capability, which is essential to doing in-depth modeling of oil and production systems, he said. "Robbins & Myers has been a sponsor of our annual Multiphase Pump User Roundtable (MPUR) since 2000, and this donation signals an important commitment toward for future collaboration and research," he said.

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