Research Sponsorship

The Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES) has a large and growing collaboration with industry for partnership and sponsorship of research with the goal of developing commercializable technology.  The Office of Industry Relations knows the process for developing these collaborations has become more competitive, with industry focusing its limited resources on a smaller number of strategic university partnerships, and only after increasingly careful vetting. 

We fully support this, and through a broad range of responsive programs for industry partners, TEES pursues its mandate of Best in Value, and its goal of Best in Class.  The links below will demonstrate some of the services and support capabilities we believe will be of interest to industry.  However, we encourage you to contact the Office of Industry Relations directly at any point in your relationship with TEES, for linkages to any areas of interest from research ideas to significant joint ventures.

Expertise Search
The breadth and depth of research within Texas A&M Engineering is admittedly large, and searching for expertise somewhat challenging.  For a general search, choose an online search engine and type “tamu” plus the topic. If you know the researcher or department, you may search the department website to search for publications on a topic.

TEES Research Centers
TEES has a number of engineering centers of potential interest to industry, grouped under six thematic areas, and offering services as varied as research, testing and professional development courses.

Research Facilities
In addition to the TEES Research Centers, there are a wide variety of labs and other facilities, many of which provide services to industry as part of their operational model.

Licensing & IP
Industry may take advantage of flexible licensing and intellectual property policies specifically to support your needs. The Licensing & IP link provides licensing information from our Office of Technology Commercialization. Our IP Policy is found in the linked distribution policy for licensing income.  A short summary of the IP/license options may be downloaded below.


Technologies to License
Technologies to License at the Office of Technology Commercialization are listed at this link. You may also want to examine licensing information at otc.tamu.edu/ForIndustry/Licensing. The Office of Industry Relations may also be able to connect you to recent developments within our Office of Commercialization and Entrepreneurship.

  Industry Relations  

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