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I'd like to sponsor TEES research, who will own the intellectual property?

We recognize that intellectual property (IP) considerations may be a principal factor in reaching agreement on sponsored research, and TEES has worked diligently to create fair and flexible policies. As is common practice, IP that was previously developed by a TEES employee or with significant TEES resources is owned by TEES. However, for industry-sponsored research, TEES offers two options, and the ability to negotiate with the industry partner for an equitable solution:

    • Option A - used when background or pre-existing TEES IP is involved, and for parallel federal funding (TEES is a subcontractor on a federal contract). TEES will normally grant the industry sponsor the option to license the technology, and all terms are on the table for negotiation.
    • Option B – fixed fee license: exclusive, all fields of use, no royalty
      • It applies to a project when the subject IP is associated with the sponsored research
      • The sponsor manages and funds protection of the licensed IP
      • The fixed fee is 15% of the total sponsored research with a $15K minimum

For more information on IP policies, or if you may be interested in sponsoring or collaborating in TEES research, we encourage you to contact the Office of Industry Relations and we can direct you to the appropriate office.

I have identified some areas of TEES research I am interested in. How do I get more detail on these areas?

If you have identified a specific TEES researcher, you are welcome to contact that researcher directly to discuss your interests. Commonly, however, there may be several (or many) TEES researchers involved in a research area. A principal role of the Office of Industry Relations is to assist you by discussing your interest areas with protection by a non-disclosure agreement, if appropriate, in order to determine your specific requirements. We may then provide the more detailed information you need and/or contact researchers who can discuss specifics of the research we have identified. Part of our office’s service is to also discriminate a TEES researcher area in terms of its focus, from basic to applied, in order to help identify those researchers more conducive to industry collaboration. As we develop a relationship with you, a relationship manager from the Office of Industry Relations will be assigned to your company to give you a single point of contact for accessing all the offerings within Texas A&M Engineering.

What professional development courses are available to my company? Can TEES design a specific course?

The number of offerings from TEES for professional development certificate and short courses is large and growing. These courses, primarily offered by our research centers, cover a broad range of technical areas including process safety, energy, distribution, manufacturing, food protein and materials. Many of these courses are flexible in terms of on-campus or onsite at your organization, and material may be tailored to specific needs. Professional Development will take you to a description of these courses, or you can contact TEES Professional and Continuing Education. With the additional of specific courses within individual engineering departments, and those offered by our sister agency, the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX), the offerings expand tremendously. For these, we would encourage you to contact the appropriate department, or the course catalog on the TEEX website.

I’d like to find out more about available technologies for licensing, where do I start?

A good place to start would be the Office of Technology Commercialization, with some available technologies listed at http://tamus.flintbox.com, and licensing information at otc.tamu.edu/ForIndustry/Licensing, or performing a patent search at http://tamu.libguides.com/c.php?g=610023&p=4234987. This is a very dynamic area, however, so you may want to contact the Office of Commercialization and Entrepreneurship and their entrepreneurs-in-residence to evaluate the latest developments.

How do I go about arranging a visit to specific labs or researchers of interest?

If you have an existing relationship with a researcher and his/her lab, by all means contact them for a visit. If you don’t have an existing relationship and/or you wish to visit several research areas, contact the Office of Industry Relations. We have cognizance of the labs and facilities in the departments and the research centers, and can help optimize your time on campus if the visit is multipurpose (e.g., recruiting). And we can negotiate the academic calendar (professor availability) and other factors that may impact the visit schedule. We will discuss your visit and create a common understanding of the visit objectives by establishing:

  • Have you done business with TEES before, or do you have existing relationships with other entities within The Texas A&M University System?
  • Is the visit requested to gain general background information on TEES capabilities, or are there specific TEES collaboration efforts you are considering?
  • What questions do you need to have answered that suggest the facility visit?
  • Can the Office of Industry Relations provide information ahead of time that will optimize the time spent at the facility?
  • What is the organizational level of the people you are bringing? How much time do you have available to spend on campus?
  • Is there a way to communicate your specific objectives/interests to the TEES participants ahead of time or in an introductory session?

The discussion of these and other related topics will help us ensure the time you and the TEES participants invest in your visit will be beneficial. We believe TEES has a lot to offer, and we certainly encourage industry visits to campus. We hope you will work with our office to plan a visit that meets and exceeds your expectations.

Are there workshops or showcases involving research that I can attend?

Yes, there are recurring workshops, and other workshops that are developed by research centers and departments as the need arises. Recurring workshops/symposia include those conducted by TEES centers such as the large Turbomachinery and Pump Symposium, put on every year by the TEES Turbomachinery Lab, or the Smart Grid Workshop put on by the Smart Grid Center. Not all of these workshops are in College Station, but are conducted in locations to target interest populations. On the student side, the Engineering Project Showcase, lets you view the efforts of more than 160 team projects by more than 700 engineering students, from capstone designs to programs like AggiE-Challenge. Unfortunately, at present there is not a central site that identifies all upcoming workshops, but if you contact the Office of Industry Relations, we can assist in locating a workshop that may be of interest to you.

Does TEES team with industry on proposal developments? How do I find out about this?

Yes, TEES does team on a number of competitive contract and grant proposals every year and can participate as a prime or subcontractor in most types of contract vehicles. Typically, for an industry-led proposal, TEES will provide proposal input like any other teammate, and invest personnel and funding resources if/as needed. For larger proposals or consortia, TEES invests its fair share commensurate with its proposal position, to include the acquisition of professional proposal development services if needed. TEES has access to internal administrative, contract, financial and legal resources as needed to compete for and execute contracts.

There are a number of opportunities for teaming with TEES on proposals.

  • A company that has a relationship with a TEES research program would execute agreements with that TEES entity to participate in a proposal development, as directed by that company.
  • For larger, perhaps multidisciplinary proposals, a TEES proposal manager would be designated and the company would work through that individual to access all the support it needs to build the proposal.
  • For small business opportunities such as federal SBIR or STTR programs, the Office of Industry Relations (OIR) would be a good starting point for identifying researchers to collaborate with on a particular topic. In fact, the OIR is proactive in this regard, and has a program called the Technology Assistance Program (TAP), that encourages TEES researchers through funding to identify small business partners for these programs.

I have heard about a Professor of Practice program. What is that?

Texas A&M Engineering has established a Professor of Practice program, specifically to bring real-world industry/government expertise and operational experience into the classroom. This program aligns exactly with the focus on an experiential learning process, as well as meeting the instructional needs of the expanding 25X25 initiative. Each of the 14 engineering departments within Texas A&M University has at least one professor of practice, and each position is tailored in terms of teaching and other responsibilities, according to the individual’s skillset and the needs of the Department. You are encouraged to contact the appropriate department head or ask the Office of Industry Relations for assistance.

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