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The principle function of the Industry Partnerships Council is to coordinate and enhance engagement between the various engineering units in relation to engaging potential and future industry partners. Its overall goal is to elevate collaboration among engineering units with corporate entities through traditional and innovative means of engagement.

Council Members

The Industry Partnerships Council consists of leadership from major working groups within the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES).

Executive Committee

  • Saurabh Biswas* - TEES Commercialization & Entrepreneurship
  • Dimitris Lagoudas - TEES
  • Magda Lagoudas - COE Industry & Non-Profit Partnerships
  • Cindy Lawley - TEES Workforce Development
  • Michael Leary - COE/TEES Information Technology
  • Katerina Pinchuk** - COE/TEES Industry Research 

* Chair
** Vice Chair
*** Secretary