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Digital abstract of digital cyberspace with particles and digital data network connections.

The Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station will hold the Deep Tech Entrepreneurship Program (located in Doha, Qatar) from Nov. 15-17, 2021. The course will give participants the right toolset and mindset to unlock the potential of deep technology by setting the foundations of a successful venture.

You will learn how to identify a clear value proposition and market fit for a science-based innovation, how to test it, and how to showcase an idea for a new business to key stakeholders, including investors. This hands-on training program will cover several methodologies (design thinking, lean startup, business model canvas, etc.) but also give firsthand insight on the deep tech ecosystem and latest trends.

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Course Details

Time: 8 a.m.-3:30 p.m. each day

Dates: Nov. 15-17, 2021

Learning Outcomes 

Each participant will leave the program with the knowledge to transform a science project into a business.

Participants will learn about:

  • The skills necessary for an entrepreneur
  • The use of design thinking methodology to ensure user-centricity
  • Establishing a sound business model
  • Gathering and testing of the right knowledge using the lean startup process
  • Project financing mechanisms
  • Pitching of an idea to the right stakeholder, to ensure buy-in or even investment
  • Challenging and refining startup ideas

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for students and researchers involved in new technologies. It is also geared toward entrepreneurs who desire to dive into the deep tech startups scene and even build their own company.

NOTE: Attendees should be fully vaccinated.


Saurabh Biswas

Dr. Saurabh Biswas

Dr. Saurabh Biswas is executive director of Commercialization and Entrepreneurship at Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES) and a faculty member with the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Texas A&M University. He brings more than two decades of combined experience in medical technology innovation, senior management experience fostering global innovation, deep tech entrepreneurship and venture investment. As executive director at TEES, he oversees all commercialization matters, new venture formation and innovation ecosystem development. He has co-founded five health care startups as an inventor or key management developing strategies with hands-on involvement in all aspects of team and venture development, product roadmaps, regulatory strategy, intellectual property and the capital raising process. Biswas holds a doctoral degree in biomedical engineering from Texas A&M University and completed the Executive Program in Finance at Sloan School at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Vincent Durand

Dr. Vincent Durand

For the past 12 years, Vincent Durand has worked at the interface of research, innovation and business. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy in particle physics at CEA Saclay in France, as a strategy consultant at the Boston Consulting Group, and more recently as an Entrepreneur in Residence for the startup studio, TechnoFounders. He is now managing the Startup Corporate Programs team and activities at Hello Tomorrow, a global company aiming at unlocking the power of deep tech to solve our toughest global challenges.

Marwan Oman

Marwan Aït Omar

After earning a Master of Science in materials science, Marwan Aït Omar joined one of the most prestigious masters of innovation in France. At Hello Tomorrow, he helped clients nurture an innovation mindset and stimulate creativity among employees. They set up a portfolio of innovation projects. Project lead of several startup-corporate programs and responsible for the design and delivery of an entrepreneurship training program for the Airbus Leadership University, he also designed and led a Business Expedition for startups in French Guiana, to boost collaboration with our local client.


More Information

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