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Summer Pilot

The Engineering Hybrid Work Model (HWM) is a structured, location-flexible arrangement, allowing employees to combine onsite and remote work. This model engages employee and supervisor to collaborate on a structure and schedule that meets business needs and provides flexibility.

The process is initiated, and documented electronically, through a Laserfiche form starting with the assessment tool. Following the assessment of the position, the individual’s ability to be successful in a remote work setting and the needs of the division, an agreement is generated and signed. The assessment includes input from employee, supervisor, and department/division head. Individuals selected for participation in a HWM complete required training.

Engineering Human Resources and Payroll serves as the primary regarding coordination, implementation, feedback, and compliance monitoring.

Key Points

  • The business needs of the department/division will remain the priority.
  • Managers and department/division heads may request, with advance notice, an employee work on-site on a remote day to meet business needs.
  • Engineering is not responsible for any operating costs associated with an employee’s HWM location,
  • HWM it a privilege not a right.
  • HWM is not a substitute for child or elder care.


The pilot HWM will begin June 1 and end August 19, 2022. Staff who qualify, based on the assessment, may  request a full or partial day week to work remote. To engage employees, staff participating in the HWM pilot will work onsite to both begin and end the work week.



To be considered for the location-flexible arrangement, you are required to read the HWM Initiative document and complete the assessment.

Alternate Work Arrangement

HWM differs from an approved alternate work arrangement that provides for the employee to work at a location other than designated headquarters based on a business necessity. Examples include access to specific equipment and/or customers at another location, space constraints at division headquarters or used to retain employees with specialized skills.