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The Engineering Staff Ombuds serves as a neutral, confidential, and informal resource who listens, offers informal guidance, provides information, offers options, seeks explanations, and makes referrals.


  • Gathers information and offer referrals to other resources.
  • Facilitates communication.
  • Identifies opportunities for systemic change for the organization and may make recommendations for institutional improvements.
  • Assists in directing individuals to appropriate Texas A&M Engineering and/or The Texas A&M University System office as it pertains to an issue.
  • Provides guidance in solving the issue.
  • Assists in conflict resolution at an informal level.
  • Refers individuals to formal grievance resources.
  • Aids in conflict management and resolution.
  • Serves as a non-voting member of the Engineering Staff Advisory Council.

What an Ombuds does:

  • Operates to serve the best interests of Texas A&M Engineering and its staff.
  • Provides impartial and objective assessment as a neutral party.
  • Serves as an advocate for fair administration of processes.
  • Creates a safe environment for staff to voice concerns, evaluate issues and identify options.
  • Respects the confidentiality and privacy, to the extent where additional individuals are to be involved to maintain a safe environment.
  • Listens to issues while remaining neutral with respect to the facts.

What an Ombuds does not do:

  • Does not make formal decisions or override the decision of others.
  • Does not participate in a formal complaint process or investigations.
  • Does not advocate for a specific party or cause.
  • Does not make policy but can help to interpret policy.
  • Does not participate in formal processes such as a grievance procedures or legal matters.

When to visit the Staff Ombuds:

  • Experiencing conflict with a coworker or supervisor
  • Ethical concerns
  • Harassment or discrimination concerns
  • Questions about policies or procedures
  • Dealing with organizational change
  • Needing confidential resources
  • Experiencing career challenges
  • Work-life balance concerns
  • Challenging work dynamics

Contact your Staff Ombuds

Katie Cates
Phone: 979-458-7693

Voicemail messages and emails are confidential and received only by the engineering staff ombuds.


To accommodate the needs of Texas A&M Engineering staff, appointments may be scheduled by phone, through a virtual meeting, or in person at one of the following locations on the Texas A&M University campus:

To schedule a confidential session, please submit the Ombuds Confidential Intake Form, or email