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What if...

The VPAT is only available as a webpage

You can convert the webpage to a PDF using Adobe Acrobat.

You could also use a website such as web2pdfconvert, but Adobe Acrobat will give you the best result.

There’s no date on the VPAT

Use the date you first accessed/downloaded it or the date you’re submitting it

Other information is missing on the VPAT

Vendor: You typically need to research this if the vendor isn’t included in the name.
Typically "Googling ____ company" will do the trick.

Name of the Product: If the name of the product is in the filename, use that.

I accidentally submitted a duplicate / I need to delete something

Regular permissions do not include the ability to delete VPATs.
If you need to delete something, email

I have another question

Email us at, and we’ll get right back to you.