Research Development

TEES research efforts are led by Dr. Dimitris Lagoudas, TEES Deputy Director, and Dr. Narasimha Reddy, Associate Agency Director for Strategic Initiatives and Centers. They are assisted by the Research Development group, which includes the director of research development, Dr. Victor Ugaz; Dr. Laurie Garton, Senior Research Development Specialist; and Sharon McCord, Research Development Specialist.

Support services for proposal development include:

For larger projects (such as STC, ERC) – Contact TEES Research Development 90 days out.
For smaller projects (such as EFRC, NRT, INFEWS) – Contact TEES Research Development to discuss what assistance your team needs.
For junior faculty (CAREER, YIPs and smaller projects) – Contact Dr. Laurie Garton

Contact Information for Dr. Laurie Garton - lsgarton@tamu.edu

Support available for small and large projects

During an initial consultation, TEES Research Development can provide strategy advice such as: How should PIs approach the problem, how does it fit into the NSF or other agency portfolio, and how does it slant differently from a previous RFP?

TEES Research Development also provides:

  • Support – Tasks include:
    • 1) creating an RFP-based outline to aid the PI and team in writing the Project Description;
    • 2) collecting and editing Biosketches, Current & Pending, Conflicts of Interest, and Results of Prior NSF Support;
    • 3) managing contact with PIs/Senior Personnel to get these completed in timely manner;
    • 4) drafting letters of commitment and support;
    • and 5) providing links to other people and existing educational programs in the college.
  • Mid to Heavy Edits – Tasks include:
    • 1) strategic reorganization of text;
    • 2) editing the Project Description and Project Summary—either in pieces as the proposal is written or near the final stage.
  • Nontechnical Text – Tasks include writing text for Broader Impacts, Data Management Plan, Postdoc Mentoring Plan, and Facilities

Additional Support Available for Large Projects:

  • Support for larger projects usually requires 90-day lead time. Contact TEES Research Development to discuss what assistance your team needs. We also offer the following services:
    • Writing Project Summary
    • Writing Management Plan
    • Review Intellectual Merit
    • Adding References to the proposal for an existing Endnote library (low) or creating the Endnote library (extensive)
    • Reviewing and advising on Budget, including writing the Budget Justification

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