Precise Advanced Technologies and Health Systems for Underserved Populations

Project Summary

Saving Lives Through Transformative Health Technologies

PATHS-UP is a new, innovative partnership created to develop advanced technologies to prevent, delay the onset, and manage diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Our Mission

  • To engineer transformative, robust and affordable technologies to improve healthcare access, enhance the quality of service and life, and reduce healthcare costs;

  • To recruit and educate a diverse group of scientists and engineers who will lead the future in developing enabling technologies to improve health in underserved communities.

The Challenges

Chronic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease are a leading cause of morbidity and mortality. Every 30 seconds one American will be diagnosed with diabetes and another will suffer a coronary event. Underserved communities in every state have higher prevalence and less access to equitable healthcare services. Because of this, many people in these communities go undiagnosed or are diagnosed late, which can lead to serious consequences. Finding solutions to this problem requires both the development of transformational health technologies and systems, and a paradigm shift in how these technologies are integrated into communities. Beyond the obvious societal health impact of the center's systems, the students, post-docs and faculty nurtured by the center's intellectual community will also be a significant outcome of PATHS-UP.


Texas A&M University
Rice University
Florida International University

Press Releases

Texas A&M System to lead new NSF Engineering Research Center

Rice University: Rice Engineers Join NSF Global Health Initiative

NSF: Four new NSF Engineering Research Centers will advance US health, energy sustainability

UCLA: Consortium links experts in engineering, medicine to improve health in underserved communities

Florida International University: FIU to collaborate on health breakthroughs through NSF Engineering Research Centers

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