Energy and the Environment

Saving Energy - and Money

Through a program known as the Continuous Commissioning process, the TEES Energy Systems Lab has worked to produce more than $100 million in savings in more than 300 buildings throughout Texas, the United States and the world. The process uses an ongoing effort to resolve operating problems, improve comfort and optimize energy use for existing commercial and institutional buildings and central plant facilities.

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Energy Efficiency in Homes

The TEES Energy Systems Lab (ESL) has helped save more than $1.7 billion by adopting and implementing energy codes for new-home construction. ESL helps implement energy codes statewide, including reviewing and recommending state adoption of new building code editions. The lab has also developed a web-based tool to test the energy efficiency of new houses before construction. The tool is helping cities such as Austin conform to new energy codes to improve energy efficiency of new homes by 65 percent.

Smarter Energy

TEES researchers are working on one solution that will change how electricity is delivered from suppliers to consumers as part of a $4.9 million federal grant to dramatically improve how the U.S. produces and uses energy. The new concept is to improve system operations and manage disruptions within the electric grid, such as interruption from cascading faults caused by extreme operating conditions (such as overloads and energy transfer congestion) and malicious external attacks.

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