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The "Question Mark" icon at the top right corner of any page will open the HRConnect Help System web site. The help site is available at anytime by going to the URL,

Direct Deposit

By electing direct deposit, employees have the option to receive their paycheck directly into their checking or savings account as elected. In addition, should there be a need to make a banking change, edits are done quickly and securely through HRConnect. 

Online W-2 Notification

The quickest and most efficient method of receiving your W-2 tax statement is online through HRConnect. When the W-2 forms are ready in January, you will receive e-mail notification and will be able to view/download your tax statement. Employees who do not elect the on-line W-2 process, will receive a paper copy of their statement from their department business office.

Steps for Setting Up/Editing  Direct Deposit

1.    Log into Single-Sign On at https://sso.tamus.edu
2.    Select HRConnect
3.    Click the "My Payroll" Tab
4.   Direct Deposit

  • Click "My Direct Deposit"
    Click "Update Payroll Information" then "OK"
    Select Appropriate Action
    Enter Bank Routing Number & Account Number

Steps for Setting Up/Editing W-2 Information

  1. Log into Single-Sign On at https://sso.tamus.edu
  2. Select HRConnect
  3. Click the "My Payroll" Tab
  4. W-2
  • Click "My W-2 Information"
    Click on Update W-2 Status"
    Select Appropriate Action


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