Hiring Division Onboarding

Engineering Human Resources has streamlined the hiring process eliminating the need to print and sign various forms. When a hiring division receives notification of a potential hire, they, as well as the prospective employee, will complete requirements through various secure sites. As a reminder, check the appropriate hiring process guide for your hiring situation.

Initiation to Hire & Pre-Onboarding

Initiation to Hire (I2H): Required for ALL hires and transfers/promotes (transfer within E Workstation PINs included). The hiring division will complete the I2H by providing the following data:

  • Prospective Hire’s Last Name and First Name
  • Prospective Hire's Preferred Email Address
  • Hiring Division
  • Adloc
  • Full Title of Prospective Hire
  • Position Type (Faculty, Staff, Student, Postdoctoral Research Associate) Note: TEES Research Professor titles will fall under the staff category and TAMU Research Professor titles will fall under the faculty category.
  • Hire Date
  • Division Contact Name and Email              

I2H Automatic Email: Submitting the I2H triggers an email to the prospective hire, with a copy to the hiring division, and provides a link to the secure pre-onboarding site. Prospective hire will be asked to provide information needed to complete UIN set up, background check Form I-9.

Hiring division receives an email when the prospective hire has submitted the pre-onboarding form (Prospective Hire form).

Refer questions to engineeringonboarding.tamu.edu

Online Orientation, Form I-9 and Payroll Forms

Proceed with Hire: When the prospective hire submits the pre-onboarding form Engineering HR will conduct needed reviews and send an email to the hiring division when they may proceed with the hire. If you have not received this confirmation from EHR within an acceptable timeframe please followup with the candidate via phone to confirm they have submitted their information.

Skeleton Record

Create a “skeleton record” for the individual in Share Point Hiring Packets and attach a copy of the EPA (if available). Guide to items needed in

Next Steps
  1. Send candidate an email with directions outlining the expectations of onboarding/orientation process. (Sample Email Attachment).
  2. Set up record in iBenefits for benefit eligible employees
  3. Set up record in Glacier for foreign national employees
  4. Follow the Form I-9 Process
  5. The new hire will complete all payroll forms as part of their online orientation. Forms will be automatically submitted.
  6. The new hire may provide the department with documents associated with Glacier. Upload into the “skeleton” record in Share Point.
  7. Upload a copy of the EPA to SharePoint “skeleton” – if not already completed.

At any point you haven’t heard from the new hire, ontact them via phone to help insure that the emails are received. 

Links, Instructions and Samples

Initiation to Hire Link
Full Instructions
SharePoint 101
Email Attachment
Online Orientation  
Onboarding with HR Session Registration
Form I-9 Process and Examples
In-processing Checklist

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