A Century of Solving Problems for Texans

For 100 years, the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES) has served the citizens of Texas through engineering and technology-oriented research and educational collaborations. Our research has made significant impact on the health, safety and quality of life of Texas citizens and has contributed to the state's economic growth and development.  

TEES researchers conduct relevant research and provide practical answers to critical state and national needs. We partner with industry, communities and academic institutions to solve problems to help improve the quality of life, promote economic development and enhance the educational systems of Texas. We also promote new technology education and investigate problems in health and the environment. We serve as a catalyst for collaborations that position Texas to be especially competitive for federal dollars and play a major role in strengthening research leadership across the state.

Solving Problems for Texans

Since 1914, TEES has:

  • Performed quality research driven by current public needs
  • Leveraged state money to secure federal funding
  • Helped academic institutions expand their research capacity
  • Improved the state's workforce by attracting more citizens to higher education through research opportunities
  • Helped encourage graduate studies by providing exciting and challenging research opportunities to students

 And as an institute of higher education, we work to improve student performance in math, science and technology.

Our mission is to produce and transfer the highest quality, relevant engineering and technology-oriented research by leveraging capabilities statewide in order to: 

  • Improve economic development and quality of life in Texas and the nation
  • Enhance educational systems
  • Support interdisciplinary fundamental and applied research
  • Transfer technology from research and development activities to useful applications
  • Commercialize promising technologies